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36, from
Minneapolis, USA

Animal lover since birth, traveller since 2009, and now proud to call myself a professional house sitter! I'm incredibly lucky to be sharing these passions with my partner in crime all over the globe. Some of my other interests are cooking and meal planning (vegan style), creating crazy spreadsheets, travel planning/hacking, minimalism, and all things water related (beaches, snorkeling, pools, and swimming). I've lived in South Korea, Australia, and New Zealand, and after my travelling days I look forward to making a home back in New Zealand.  I'm a firm believer that you must live life to fullest, and treat all beings as you would like to be treated yourself.

33, from
Cheltenham, UK


senior web developer

I was born in the UK, but immigrated to New Zealand when I was quite young. The move to such a beautiful place, full of nature and wildlife, really fuelled my passion for all things outdoors including a huge respect for animals and nature. I'm lucky to also work in a field that allows the flexibility to work remotely and continue to explore the beauty of our planet. I've had a dog all of my life, and a cat for the last 14 years, so living without a pet has been tough, but luckily few and far between while house sitting. I love running, Molly's delicious cooking, and seeing the world. 

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